Persistent Footholds & Threat Hunting

In the event of a cyber-attack, would your business sink or swim? Is your organization armed with the tools needed to hunt, detect, isolate, and eliminate a possible cyber threat? Persistent foothold and threat-hunting monitors, evaluates, and detects potential threats and vulnerabilities of your company. This comprehensive solution works to identify and eliminate any mechanisms that could indicate the potential for an imminent attack to ensure your precious data remains protected. Our team is committed to ensuring your data remains untouchable and secure.

Persistent Threats Require Persistent Solutions

Persistent footholds and threat hunting are two important strategies that can be used to protect your business’s information from cyber threats.

Persistent footholds

Persistent footholds maintain a presence on a network even after an initial intrusion has been detected and dealt with. This can be done by leaving backdoors or other means of access in place, in order to allow security teams to quickly re-enter the network if a new threat is detected. By implementing a persistent foothold, security teams can quickly respond to new threats and minimize the amount of damage that can be done before the threat is neutralized.

Threat hunting

Threat hunting is a proactive way to search for signs of malicious activity on a network. This is done via a variety of techniques, such as log analysis, network traffic analysis, and endpoint analysis, to identify patterns of behavior that may indicate a security incident. By hunting for threats, security teams can identify potential breaches before they have a chance to cause significant damage to your organization.

Ensure your business information is safe and secure with persistent foothold and threat-hunting solutions from KW. To learn more, contact us today!