Email Security

What is your company’s most used communication method? Outside of the phone, it’s email. With the amount of sensitive information and data included in your organization’s daily emails, they are a prime target of cyber threats. It’s crucial to have powerful and reliable email security in place. The experts at KW are highly trained in implementing best security practices to ensure your data never falls into the wrong hands.

Email Security Solutions

Through the use of email security practices like encryption, email hygiene, and spam filtering, our team will help your business reduce spam issues and protect your network from cyber-attacks.


Email encryption is used to protect the confidentiality of your business’s email messages and attachments by converting them into unreadable code that can only be decoded by the intended recipient.

Email Hygiene

Email hygiene involves practices and technologies to maintain the cleanliness and security of your email system. It involves a set of procedures and processes to ensure that only legitimate and clean emails are delivered to the inbox and that unwanted, malicious, or spam emails are blocked or filtered out.

Spam Filtering

Spam filtering is the use of software or hardware solutions to detect and block spam emails before they reach your inbox. These tools help to reduce the number of unwanted emails your team will have to deal with.

We understand how easy it is to fall victim to email phishing and other detrimental threats. This is why we’re dedicated to not only ensuring you have the proper email security in place but also providing the training and resources your team needs to keep your information safe.

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