Intrusion Security

Physical security is as important as cybersecurity to keep your business protected and running smoothly. Intrusion security is crucial to any business for a multitude of reasons, including protecting employees and customers and expediting communication to authorities in case of emergencies.

Reliable Intrusion Security Solutions

If you’re looking for dependable intrusion security solutions, look no further than KW Corp. Our highly trained team is committed to ensuring the success and security of your team and business. We offer holistic solutions that are cohesive with every other aspect of your IT environment.

We’re licensed in the state of Michigan as a Security Alarm Agency, and as such, we are equipped to offer solutions in addition to access control. These include:

  • Intrustion Solutions

  • Life Safety Solutions

  • Third-Party Security Monitoring Services

  • And More

You can rest easy knowing that your business is protected and, if the need should arise, you’ll receive real-time notifications of intrusion. The system also notifies owner contracts as well as the authorities to handle any issue in a timely manner.

When you need to ensure your employees, customers, and business are protected, you need reliable intrusion security solutions from KW. Contact our expert team today to learn more!

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