Flint, MI Managed Service Provider

When looking for a reliable Flint, MI managed service provider, look no further than KW Corp. Our team is passionate about providing our clients with everything they need for their IT environments to be secure and run smoothly. When you need holistic, scalable solutions, we’ve got your back.

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Cloud Services

By utilizing cloud services, you can rest easy knowing all is not lost amidst cyber threats, hard drive failures, and other disasters. Our team is dedicated to providing you with scalable, customized cloud services tailored to the unique needs of your organization.

Cyber Security

You need to ensure your business is protected from any and all threats—in this regard, prevention is key. However, even with the best prevention plan in place, threats may still find their way into your systems and access precious information. That’s why KW Corp is dedicated to providing not only prevention services but detection and response solutions as well.

    Managed Service Provider

    Issues with your technology can be detrimental and lead to lost revenue, especially for companies looking to expand and grow. Our team provides reliable managed IT services to Lansing, MI and surrounding areas to ensure that your business runs smoothly, risk is minimized, and your team is supported 100% of the time.


    Your networking is the core of your IT infrastructure and essential to your daily operations. Our team understands the vital role of networking in the success and growth of your business and is committed to providing holistic, scalable solutions.

    IT Support

    When the technology your business relies on isn’t working properly, your may be in big trouble. IT issues, whether big or small, can negatively impact your productivity and may even result in loss of customers and revenue. From troubleshooting and repair to maintenance and upkeep, our team is dedicated to providing reliable IT support to keep your daily operations fully functional.

      Experience the power of partnership with service you can count on for your Flint, MI managed service provider needs. To learn more about our services, contact us today!